MEMBERSHIP 2019 / 2020

New Members

The Apollo Bay SLSC welcomes new members at any time of the year.  Please follow the instructions below to become a member and pay for your membership.  Once you have completed this process you will automatically receive all email communications and newsletters sent out to our members. 

For Nipper Members - once your membership application has been approved by the Club you then need to complete your Nipper Registration form.  This can be found on this website under the 'Nipper' tab.

Step 1:  Become a member of the Apollo Bay SLSC

  1. Each individual adult and child needs to complete the membership process. 
  2. Complete an Application for Membership - click here and select 'NO' if you have never been a member of a club before.  You will be taken to the page "Surf Life Saving JOIN".
  3. Complete the online application to join a Surf Life Saving Club
  4. Check the declaration boxes and 'SUBMIT' the form.

Your application will be forwarded to the Membership Officer and you will receive an email once your membership 
        application has been approved. 

The system requires overnight processing once membership has been approved before you can create a Portal Account.

Step 2 - Create a Members Portal account 

  1. You need to create a Members Portal Account for each person joining.  Apollo Bay SLSC requires new members to sign up online using the SLSA Members Portal system.  Once this is done, you can manage your own and your families membership in the future.
  2. To get started, click here to create a Members Portal Account.  Make sure you are on 'Create Account' and not 'Login'.
  3. Enter the information as requested.  This matches up to the data input when you joined the club, so make sure you enter the exact information.
  4. Enter either mobile number or email address to receive an Activation Code.
  5. Enter the Activation Code.  This will then direct you to your members portal page.
  6. Repeat this for each member of your family joining.
  7. Once you have accessed the Portal click on the fourth tab 'LIFESAVING ONLINE' to see your membership information.  Most of the membership functions required are found under this tab.
  8. If you are joining as a family, once you all have a Portal account, you can create a family group under "My Family" which will make renewing in the future much simpler.

Please retain your Usernames and Passwords as you will require them in the future to renew your membership.

Step 3 - Pay for your Membership / Course Fee

  1. Login to your Portal Account.
  2. Click 'LIFESAVING ONLINE' tab.
  3. Click 'ONLINE PAYMENTS'.  You should see the screen above.
  4. Click 'MAKE A PAYMENT'.
  5. Enter relevant details and click 'SUBMIT'.  This will take you to a Westpac secure site for your credit card details.
  6. You will receive an electronic receipt and the club will receive notification of payment of your membership.



Renewing Members

Please note that you are not permitted to patrol, requalify for the year or participate in Nippers at Apollo Bay SLSC until your membership has been renewed.

Step 1 - Login to your Members Portal Account

  You would have set up a username and password when you created your Portal Account last year. If you have misplaced your username or password click on the link at the login page.
  1. Click here to login to your Members Portal Account.
  2. Enter your username and password - this will take you to your Members Portal Page.
  3. Select the tab along the top 'Lifesaving Online'.
  4. If you are renewing as an individual, you can select 'RENEW' here.
  5. If you are renewing as a family group, select the 'MY FAMILY' tab then 'RENEW MEMBERSHIPS'.
  6. Select each member of the group you wish to renew.
  7. Tick the declaration box and select 'SUBMIT'.
  8. This will then take you to the 'make a payment' screen.
  9. Follow the prompts to make the appropriate membership payment.  2016 / 2017 Membership Fees are listed below.
  10. You will receive an electronic receipt and the club will receive notification of payment of your membership.

FOR ASSISTANCE - if you get really stuck you can contact the SLSA Helpdesk on 1300 724 006 or Yvette Hill from the Apollo Bay SLSC on 0407 365 961.  You may have a different email address or mobile number than what is recorded on the system.

Family Groups

If multiple members of one family are club members, you can easily manage all your membership under one Family Group.  This allows for the grouping of people and bulk processing by a responsible adult (parent).

  1. To join as a family, first ensure that each member has a Portal Account. 
  2. The Pimary Member (a parent or guardian) should login to their Portal Account.  
  3. Click the 'LIFESAVING ONLINE' tab.
  4. Click on 'MY FAMILY' tab.
  5. Click on 'CREATE FAMILY GROUP' tab.
  6. Complete all compulsory fields including the Family Group Name and the names of all family members.
  7. The Primary Member can renew all memberships from their Members Portal page in the future once the Family Group has been created.

Working With Children Check

All members must have a WWC Card if they are over the age of 18 and:

  • patrol
  • are Nipper parents
  • assist with junior programs
  • wish to access the change rooms
  • Your WWC Card must have Apollo Bay SLSC and Life Saving Victoria as registered organisations.
  • You must advise the Club of your Working With Children number.
  • Click here or visit to apply for a WWCC or to change existing card detials.

Membership Fees 2019 / 2020

12 Month Membership from 1 July to 31 June the following year

 **  You will be advised if you can apply $30 discount for Members who have patrolled in excess of 20 hours the previous season **

Membership Category



Active or Reserve Active


Must have WWCC if 18 years or over

Active Student


15 years and over studying full time
Must have WWCC if 18 years or over



13 or 14 years old



Over 18 years old and must have WWCC

Life Member



Nipper Family


7-12 years old (must have turned 7 by 30th September 2019)
Includes ONE Nipper Registration and Program Fee and up to TWO Associate Memberships

Additional Nipper

3rd and Subsequent Nippers



7 - 12 years old (must have turned 7 by 30 September 2019)
In addition to 'Nipper Family' Membership

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)


Paid in addition to appropriate Membership Fee

Bronze Medallion Course


Paid in addition to appropriate Membership Fee


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